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9.1 Euthanasia

This section contains information on the safe, effective and humane euthanasia of cattle, sheep and goats in the live export process. Euthanasia may be required for animals that are sick or injured and have a poor prognosis, or where it is uneconomical to treat or sell them.

This chapter focuses on methods of euthanasia of cattle, sheep and goats; other methods are sometimes available or more appropriate for other species. It is a guide only and is consistent with information in the Standards and Guidelines for Land Transport of Animals.[6] It does not replace or override the legislation that applies in the relevant State or Territory jurisdiction. The information should only be used subject to the applicable legal requirements (including OH&S and firearms legislation) operating in the relevant jurisdiction.

6. Animal Health Australia (AHA) (2008). Australian Standards and Guidelines for the Welfare of Animals — Land Transport of Livestock. AHA, Canberra. Edition 1 2008, Version: 1; Part A6, Humane destruction. Available at