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13.1 Handbooks, Standards And Guidelines

Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock
Sets the basic standards for the conduct of the livestock export trade required by government.

Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for the Land Transport of Livestock
Covers the transport of livestock by road, rail and by livestock transport vehicle about a ship.

Best practice use of veterinary drugs; MLA; 2008
A glove box guide providing information on choosing and using drugs for treatment of animals.

Is it fit to export?; MLA/LiveCorp; 2007
This is a guide to the supply of livestock for export illustrating some types of animals that should not be supplied for export.

Is it fit to load? - A national guide to the selection of animals fit to transport; MLA; April 2006
This guide uses pictures and simple explanations of those conditions which are described but not shown in transport codes of practice, allowing producers and transporters to quickly decide whether an animal is unfit for transport.