12.2 Textbooks

Diseases of Cattle in Australasia by TJ Parkinson, JJ Vermunt, J Malmo. 1st edn 2010. VetLearn - A comprehensive text on diseases of cattle in Australia and New Zealand.

Livestock Diseases in Australia - Diseases of Cattle, Sheep, Goats and Farm Dogs by Tony Brightling ; Publisher: CH Jerram, 2006 - Written specifically for Australian farmers and people working with livestock on Australian farms.

Veterinary Medicine: A Textbook Of The Diseases Of Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Pigs, And Goats by Otto M Radostits, (Editor), Clive C Gay (Editor), Kenneth W Hinchcliff (Editor). 10th edn 2007. WB Saunders. Covers topics ranging from the clinical examination and manifestation of disease in organ systems to specific diseases of the large animal species.

The Merck Veterinary Manual. 10th edn 2010. Merial. A comprehensive glove-box-size reference book covering the diseases and management of a wide range of animals.

Animal Health and Disease Investigation, by Bob Cottam and Janet Berry. 2nd edn 2009. Qld Government. Covers animal biosecurity, health, nutrition and welfare, disease investigation (including autopsy procedures) and prevention.